Pros and Cons of Adopting A Pescatarian Diet

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A pescatarian is described as a person who abstains from all types of meat except for fish. A pescatarian is not technically a vegetarian but a stepping stone towards a vegetarian lifestyle. Many people are adopting this lifestyle for many reasons includi

A pescatarian is described as a person who abstains from all types of meat except for fish. A pescatarian is not technically a vegetarian but a stepping stone towards a vegetarian lifestyle. Many people are adopting this lifestyle for many reasons including health. A pescatarian diet includes vegetables, fruits, beans, grains, eggs, and other dairy products. 

Pescatarians fulfill their nutritional needs by eating a variety of legumes, nuts, fruits, and whole grains. Fish provides high protein as well as essential amino acids that the body needs to build muscle. Unlike meat from other animals, fish has no saturated fats.

If you are thinking about changing your diet in order to lead a healthier lifestyle, you may be wondering if there are any advantages of adopting a pescatarian lifestyle? Many choose this lifestyle change for ethical reasons. The pescatarian diet is often used as a transition to becoming a vegetarian. One of the major benefits of adopting a pescatarian diet is the nutritional benefits. A pescatarian avoids eating red meats and poultry. Red meats are high in saturated fats and is often the main cause of high cholesterol. Some fish offer a rich source of omega-3 and can protect against heart disease. 

If you choose to become a pescatarian for ethical reasons, adopting a pescatarian lifestyle will benefit animals and the environment. Many may not realize that a omnivorous diet contributes to the depletion of the rain forest, water pollution, and the increased usage of fossil fuels. 

While there are many benefits of adopting a pescatarian lifestyle, there are some disadvantages that you should be aware of. The first disadvantage of a pescatarian diet is exposure to virus and bacteria. You have the option to eat your sea food raw or cooked. Bacteria may exist in contaminated waters, therefore fish and shellfish may be exposed to viruses and parasites. If you are exposed to viruses and bacteria, you may get sick with food poisoning and or other sicknesses. Another disadvantage of a pescatarian diet is limited protein options. While meats including bison, chicken, and beef offer protein, your pescatarian options may be limited. To avoid boredom and diet fatigue, find creative ways to cook seafood and other pescatarian options. 

When changing to a diet that mainly consists of sea food, this may be a challenge to those who do not like fish or shellfish. Those who have an allergic reactions to seafood are not advised to adopt this life style.   


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