Free Samples for the Week of September 21st 2013

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List of free samples and how to get them. Also a tip on not getting scammed by supposed free sample offers. All offers listed above are legitimate and are easy to obtain for anyone. I enjoy getting freebies myself. It is a great way to try out new prod

Every week I try and find all the best free sample deals that I can and share them with others.  I will provide links and any other information relevant to getting these free samples.  I only choose legitimate samples with easy to fill out forms.  On occasion I will also post store or restaurant give aways.

Tip:  Be sure to read the fine print on any sample forms asking for cell phone numbers.  These may be not be legit and may cause you to get calls for telemarketers, or texts that will cost you money.  Any sample request asking you to sign up for other things is likely not legitimate. You will spend up to 15 minutes going through forms and you will never receive a sample. 

Free Sample of a Nexcare water proof bandage:  You must like them on facebook first.  Then you will need to watch a video. The video is just about a minute long.  Then you will get the form.  You will need to fill out your address information and answer a couple of questions.  They will not accept requests for PO boxes.  This sample has a daily limit but I did it at 10:00 AM and was still able to get one.  If you don’t get it today try again tomorrow.

Free Cookie:  If you sign up for McAlister’s Deli newsletter you can get a coupon for a free cookie.  This is not available in all areas. It was not available in mine.  You will be asked to enter your zip code and if it is not available in your area they will let you know right away.  I cannot tell you anymore about the registration because I my area did not qualify.  Here is the link:|af&a_aid=4dc96f9e67746&a_bid=1fc32022&data1=&sid=559aae833d65afcb7a9f8dd6c4d24c91

Get a coupon to try Maxwell House International coffee.  This comes from a legitimate coupon site that you will need to download to your computer.  I will be honest after using it successfully for a few months my husband is believed that it had something to do with some problems on my computer and we un-installed it.  This was over a year ago and the problems may be resolved by now, but I felt I had to give all a fair warning.  If you can get it to work and there are not problems there are a lot of fantastic coupons on there.|af&a_aid=4dc96f9e67746&a_bid=1fc32022&data1=&sid=559aae833d65afcb7a9f8dd6c4d24c91

Free sample of Bodycology caramel apple lotion.  You must like them on facebook.  There seems to be a daily limit and I missed it.  So if you don’t get this one today try again tomorrow.

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