15 Health Management Facts To Go Through Life Trials

Health can be affected by life trials of all different types. By using these facts, apply them into wellness and out of depression or anxiety.

Throughout life, lengthy trials will come up in most every ones life that can be survived by using these facts.

When the lengthy trials of life need survival tips, you can rely on these to help you manage well. Some events will occur without any warning, not giving a person much chance to prepare. These are the ones that hit like a ton of bricks, so it is necessary to know what to do beforehand to implement because thinking is not always clear at those times. Even if the survival facts are just read, the brain can draw on those when they are needed. It is amazing how much we store in the gray matter in our heads that can help us through the trials of life.

1. Know that someone else, somewhere in time has actually gone through and lived through the same thing you are experiencing. This does not change the weight of the burden on your life, however it does give hope to be able to survive the trial at hand since others have done that. Researching how others coped with similar circumstances can guide you along with beneficial tips.

2. Seek counseling in a specific area of need. Professional, trained, experience and skilled educators will be the key to getting on the right path for a healthy outcome. It is a sign of intelligence, not weakness to seek help in the time of need.

3. Pray to God for yourself, your healing, your good choices that you need to make and for peace to accept the trial you are in the midst of now.

4. Keep focused on correct eating, adequate fluid intake and personal hygiene for health balancing. When lengthy trials arrive, you will need to stay healthy to get through these times. Take some naps if sleeping is difficult so you stay refreshed.

5. Avoid isolation. The tendency to stay alone or avoid contact with others could actually allow you to not heal as well as when you permit others to divert your attention for even a short time. Choose your confidants with careful consideration. People who really care about you and your present situation can be so valuable. This might not be a family member or loved one.

6. Do not stuff your emotions, but instead let them naturally surface, so they are not suppressed.

7. Give yourself the time YOU need to work through the trials of life. Everyone is different so there is no set time to be healed and back to your healthy life as you knew it before the trial arrived. Be patient with yourself recognizing you are making baby steps all the time to gain wellness once again.

8. Know the triggers that create extreme sadness and avoid those whenever possible at least for the early times soon after an event occurred. Allow some breakdown for only a given amount of time. Do not wallow in total self pity.

9. Find the things that give you pleasure and do those often to gain strength and mental stability. Don't expect too much from yourself that is not a possibility to attain. Unusual expectations can actually hinder your progress forward.

10. Journal or write down your thoughts so they don't have to be remembered or run around in your head many times and disrupt your everyday activities.

11. Keep yourself busy without tiring yourself too much.

12. Change furniture around in the home so that items do not look the same. If you cannot move furniture, cover the items with colorful sheets or slip covers to appear different from the ordinary. Remove familiar smells from your environment if they are disturbing, yet keep them if they provide comfort and peace.

13. Realize there might be times when you think you are recovering well and then you relapse into feeling terrible again. Apply the above mentioned facts once again to restart the healing so you don't remain relapsed for long. Know this is common to experience these relapses. They do not mean you have not made progress, it just means you are still grieving.

14. Know the stages of grief: 1. Anger 2. Bargaining 3. Depression 4. Denial 5. Acceptance as stated in Elisabeth Kubler-Ross book five Stages of grief in her 1969 book "On death and Dying".

15. You will pass through the stages of grief more than once and sometimes not in the order as stated above. You can do what is needed since you have the facts to help you. It will be a process to work through the lengthy trials of life to survive the event that is present.


Field of bear grass in Glacier National Park, Glacier, Montana. Caption reads: trials of life are the pathway to the field of contentment when the correct steps are taken.


Book by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross "On Death and Dying"

Author's journey of experiences to maintain health during life trials.


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